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Early Learning Hubs

Child and Tutor Reading

Every child has the potential to be successful in school. But—too often—race, ethnicity and language are predictors of poverty and low rates of school success. Why? Because our existing system of social services, schools, and community supports isn't set up to effectively serve children and families of color. Early Learning Multnomah (ELM) wants to change that.  

ELM ensures children of color age six and under get what they need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. They do that by disrupting the structural barriers families of color face when their young children are first learning and growing. They build partnerships, set family-driven priorities, spark shifts in thinking, and support partners to more effectively serve children and families of color in Multnomah County. 

ELM is one of 16 regional early learning hubs working across Oregon. ELM was in the first group of hubs to organize in the summer of 2014. Each hub is funded by the Oregon Early Learning Division.

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