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A United Way Collaboratory

#everyoneIn 2016

Community partners co-creating ideas at Lab Session #1  - photos by Julie Keefe for #everyoneIn

#everyoneIn is A United Way Collaboratory that is bringing together the non-profit, startup, tech, and design communities to co-create new, fund worthy solutions. Design process experts are guiding and facilitating community partners, tech and startup experts, and designers to imagine new ways to use the power of technology, social media and crowd sharing to address the unique challenges created by poverty for kids and families.

The #everyoneIn community of innovators believes that:

  • Our neighborhoods and communities are abundant with people and organizations with resources, experience, opportunities to share. 
  • Those "in need", have means to reciprocate, either immediately or over time, if given the opportunity to.
  • Building a social innovation community drawn from the non-profit, startup, tech, and design communities will lead to relevant and scalable solutions.

Based on primary research with local low-income parents and community partners, #everyoneIn is co-creating novel solutions that make it safe, simple and rewarding for a community to share untapped resources, relationships and opportunities to help young, low income parents and kids, thrive. 

We are running Lab Sessions in September and October and plan to host a Community Pitch Day in November to share learnings and pitch lead solution concepts.

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