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How We Do It

United for Impact 

We are working with organizations in our region to create solutions to the challenges poverty creates for the kids that need it most. We are building awareness of the challenges of poverty. We are focused on the communities where the need is greatest. We are identifying and scaling the most effective solutions. We are United for Impact.

Our efforts focus on these areas:


United Way is committed to working with diverse communities and individuals as partners, donors and volunteers. We can only eliminate disparities when people throughout our region have the opportunity to make a difference. Learn more. 


We invest in our region through strategic grantmaking aimed at providing a greater safety net, strengthening the network of nonprofits and catalyzing collective action among diverse stakeholders toward a common goal. Learn more.


We provide places where community members and organizations with a wide array of interests can meet to share and establish a common agenda, serving as a catalyst for ideas through a facilitated process that fosters strategic and efficient collaboration. Learn more. 


With over 20,000 volunteer connections a year, our volunteers provide critical labor, skills and resources to our community. Learn more.


We support and fund organizations that make it their mission to advocate for changes in public policies which eliminate barriers to disrupting childhood poverty. Learn more. 

Knowledge sharing

United Way and its community partners are committed to generating actionable knowledge through data analysis and evaluation to determine what works, how it works and why it works. Learn more.