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United Way of the Columbia-Willamette invests in our region through strategic grantmaking aimed at catalyzing collective action among diverse stakeholders toward a common goal, strengthening the network of nonprofits in our region and providing a greater safety net for our neighbors. 

Community Transformation

The Community Transformation strategy is a collective impact model with a long-term focus on transforming the communities in our region that face the highest rates of poverty. United Way issued this grant-making strategy to bring together area non-profits, businesses and government agencies to combat childhood poverty in our area by developing a common agenda, shared data and measurement goals, research and activities. United Way’s Community Transformation strategy is a five-year, $3.75 million-dollar commitment.*

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette is pleased to award the collaborative “Successful Families 2020” with the Community Transformation grant. Learn more. 

Community Strengthening

United Way’s Community Strengthening strategy is designed to support a stronger network of non-profits who are leading the way in reducing poverty for children and families in our region. A total of 30 emerging and established non-profits serving low-income and culturally specific communities across the metropolitan area were selected and will work together as a cohort to create and participate in learning communities designed to share experiences, exchange data and information and build collective knowledge around new and promising practices to improve outcomes for low-income families and their children. United Way’s Community Strengthening grant-strategy is a three-year, $4.5 million-dollar commitment with grants awarded up to $50,000 per non-profit, per year.

United Way is pleased to award 30 local organizations with Community Strengthening grants. Learn more.

Safety Net Fund

Kids can’t learn and families can’t thrive if they’re worried about where their next meal is coming from or how they’ll pay the rent. That’s why our work to invest in our region's kids includes investments in our region’s safety net.

We make investments to provide housing, food, heat, utilities and other basic needs—working in partnership with social service organizations, cities and counties to improve alignment and collaboration and ensure families receive comprehensive and consistent services. Learn more. 

Catalyst Fund

The best organizations in our region need support to try new ideas, research community needs and improve their systems so they can work better for the people they serve. That’s what the Catalyst Fund is all about. These small, one-time investments increase the effectiveness of the service networks that support the most underserved populations in our region. Learn more about recent Catalyst Fund investments.

Applying for funds

Looking for info on how to apply for United Way funding? Go here.


 (*Final funding levels to the selected non-profits and these initiatives are contingent on the funding United Way receives as an organization to our Breaking the Cycle fund).