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Loyal Contributors

Are you a United Way Loyal Contributor? Have you been giving to United Way—any United Way—for 10 years or more? If so, let us know.

We want to thank you and show our appreciation for your consistent support. Your generosity has helped thousands of families in our region. In addition, you’ll receive invitations to special Loyal Contributor events and activities where you can meet other people like you who have been giving back to our community. And, you’ll receive special updates about our work and other opportunities to get involved.

Are you a Loyal Contributor?

If you’re not sure how long you’ve been donating to United Way, your best guess will do, and it doesn’t have to be continuous. If you are new to the area, don’t forget to include support you’ve given to other United Ways.

For more information about the Loyal Contributor program, please contact:

Barbara Marmon, Senior Manager - Leadership Giving and Loyal Contributors
Phone: 503.226.9344