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Measurable Results

How You've Built a Stronger Home in our Region

Here at home, you and United Way of the Columbia-Willamette work together to end childhood poverty for all of our neighbors.*

  • Throughout the region, your support allowed us to help connect 138,106 people with life-changing services. We also connected 8,553 volunteers with opportunities to give back through our Hands On Greater Portland program.
  • Clackamas County: Since 2008, United Way has invested in food, energy and rent assistance for more than 24,000 families. 8,581 individuals in Clackamas County have received help with rent or food through our efforts to sustain a community safety net.
  • Multnomah County: Access to health care is important for the well-being of youth and families. Since 2006, individuals in Multnomah County have received more than $216,000 in community savings through our pharmacy benefit program.
  • Clark County: During the past few years, United Way has convened critical conversations with the help of community partners. Many who attended live in Clark County. We heard from these conversations that there is a desire to create a strong, connected community. We use the community’s words to inform our strategy around connection and success to make our home better.
  • Washington County: Part of moving kids and families out of poverty is ensuring they have access to the money they’ve earned through tax preparation assistance. Last year, more than $21 Million was returned to our community through this initiative. In Washington County alone, more than 1,245 returns were accepted and more than $1.5 million in federal funds went back into individuals’ pockets.
  • Across the Region: Last year, more than 24,000 volunteer connections were made by our volunteer program, Hands on Greater Portland. Our community accounted for more than 88,000 volunteer hours to by giving their time to organizations and individuals who need it most.

Real change — the kind that remedies the root causes of education, economic and health failures and that creates dramatic systemic improvements — requires greater time, more resources and better coordinated efforts. We are better together, help us build a foundation for collective impact to make this home better for all 2.06 million of us.  


More Results


Early Childhood Education
  • Results:
    • 166 kids gained access to early childhood education services.
    • 100% arrived at kindergarten with needed skills and support.
  • How:
    • Healthy socio-emotional development of kids through parenting workshops and parent-child interactive groups.
Children, Youth and Young Adult Success
  • Results:
    • 1,796 youth gained access to tools for success.
    • 81% gained the resources and skills for work and life.
  • How:
    • After-school programs, community service participation and homework assistance.
Parent and Caregiver Education and Support
  • Results:
    • 1,196 parents and caregivers got support.
    • 95% got the resources and skills to support the children and youth in their care.
  • How:
    • Home visitation, parent workshops, resource awareness, and school activities.


Increased Financial Stability
  • Results:
    • 5,710 people worked towards financial stability.
    • 73% achieved their financial goals.
  • How:
    • Financial education and workshops, partnering with financial institutions, employment training and placement, computer skill development and EITC preparation and filings.
Community Building
  • Results:
    • 2,908 people contributed to community building.
    • 94% built community connections and were active in the economic, social and civil life of the community.
  • How:
    • Advocacy, social support, community resources knowledge, assistance for community needs, mental health promotion, housing attainment, renters’ knowledge, reduced recidivism and increased community connections.
Supports for Seniors & Adults with Disabilities
  • Results:
    • 853 seniors and/or adults with disabilities received supports.
    • 61% lived safely and independently in their communities due to these supports.
  • How:
    • Benefits applications, permanent housing, connecting seniors to assistance, seniors choosing what assistance they need and medication management.


Medical/Dental Care
  • Results:
    • 5,083 people received access to medical and/or dental care.
    • 89% of individuals improved and maintained their physical health.
  • How:
    • Primary care services, disease prevention and management counseling, advocacy, nutrition education and healthy food consumption.
Mental Health
  • Results:
    • 2,086 received access to mental health and/or addiction services.
    • 97% improved their health and made informed healthy decisions.
  • How:
    • Mental health and addictions services.
Domestic & Family Violence Prevention
  • Results:
    • 3,637 people received access to domestic and family violence prevention services.
    • 94% maintained safety from domestic and family violence.
  • How:
    • Social networks, advocacy, resiliency, financial literacy, awareness and housing stability.




Information & Referral
  • 95,343 people received information and referral services in our 4-county region.
  • 100% increased their knowledge of available health and human services.
  • 100% received appropriate referrals to health and human services providers.
  • Through Hands On Greater Portland, 24,970 volunteer connections were made totaling 88,000 volunteer hours. We estimate that’s over $1.7 million worth of service of giving back to our community.
  • Of that total number of volunteers, 998 individuals from companies that partner with United Way are connected to volunteer opportunities, accounting for 3,992 hours of service. That’s about $75,000 worth of work going back into the community.
Health Access
  • Through our partner, Project Access NOW, 3,839 people total increased their access to healthcare by enrolling in the program to receive healthcare services free of charge made possible by volunteer clinicians.
Tax Filing
  • 749 volunteers worked with individuals qualifying for the Earned Income Tax Credit filing tax returns through our EITC Initiative. That resulted in $5,061,980 in EITC dollars going back into families, and over $21 million going back into the community.


All outcomes from fiscal year 2011-12 as assessed by individual partner providers.

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