Retiree Campaign
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United Way Retiree Campaigns

Retirees Make a Difference

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette's Retiree Program gives your former employees another outlet to remain active in the community and be part of your organization's team. As seniors, they are a part of one of the fastest-growing segments of our population and often have the greatest capacity and inclination to give back to our community.

The Retiree Program also gives those no longer in the workforce a chance to use their valuable skills, talent and experience by volunteering for projects with United Way funded projects.

They can also boost your company's United Way giving totals. Statistics show that retirees give a much larger portion of their income to charity than the national average – 4.5% to 7% compared with about 3% for the general population.

Often, the only reason retirees have not given to United Way is that no one asked them to give. Ask both present retirees and those who are about to retire. They probably want to remain part of this important company activity.

Want to give, but no retiree campaign at your company? There are lots of ways to give.



For Former Employer

  • Continue high-level campaign contribution.
  • Enhance image of company as a concerned part of the Portland-Vancouver metro area.
  • Empower retirees to remain an active part of the community.

For Former Employees

  • Remain informed about United Way projects.
  • Continue support of projects important to entire community.
  • Opportunity to remain active in or begin volunteer projects.
  • A chance to remain identified with the company they have been loyal to during their career.
  • Availability of automatic pension deduction to make giving easy.

How to Start a Campaign

A retiree campaign gives former employees — and those about to retire — a way to remain active in the community and part of your organization's team. The Retiree Program reduces the loss of United Way funds that can happen when people who have been donors leave the workforce.

These are the steps to start both a Pre-Retirement and Post-Retirement Program:

New Retiree Program

  • Seek the involvement and endorsement of your Chief Executive Officer.
  • Train your Benefits Counselors on running a pre-retirement campaign.
  • United Way staff members are available to help develop and present information.
  • Solicit retirees during exit interview or before the employee leaves, using assembled Retiree Folders with a personalized pledge form and CEO/Retiree endorsement letter.
  • Provide a pension deduction plan to make giving easy.

Post-Retirement Program

  • Campaign Coordinator runs a post-retirement campaign as part of your annual employee campaign.
  • Identify your retirees.
  • Establish a campaign timetable that complements regular employee campaign schedule.
  • Appoint a Retiree Program Committee made up of retirees.
  • Develop a retiree campaign message and strategy.
  • Set a retiree fundraising goal that is separate from your company's goal.
  • Order campaign literature from the United Way.
  • Organize incentives, special events and recognition for retiree campaign.
  • Promote the campaign through in-house newsletters or retiree bulletins.
  • Include retirees in special events and other employee campaign activities.
  • Send a letter with a personalized pledge form to retirees inviting their participation.
  • Follow up to remind them about the project.
  • Turn in final gifts/responses/pledge forms.
  • Report results to the CEO, United Way and retirees.
  • Say "Thank You" to donors and committee members.

Let United Way Run Your Campaign

If you are unable to solicit retirees, please provide United Way with their names and addresses. Volunteers from United Way will contact them at their homes. Providing United Way with an annual update of all retirees maximizes the involvement of our retiree population.

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