Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
Just over a year ago, I joined United Way’s Early Learning Multnomah team to help grow membership on the Parent Accountability Council. During this time I’ve witnessed the power parents can have in improving early learning systems and why accountability is key.
Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2018
Volunteer Leaders share their reflections on the 7th Annual Stand Together Week, a week of service with over 30 projects across our region.
Monday, Apr. 23, 2018
Longtime Volunteer Leader, Earl Dizon, shares how volunteering connects him to Portland and the broader community.
Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018
Part of our work at United Way has been understanding the ways systems (educational; economic; health) do or don’t meet the needs of today’s kids and families. A close and honest look quickly reveals an uncomfortable truth: virtually all of our modern systems have been shaped by a history of structural racism and disenfranchisement.