United Way supports community partners working to invest in our region's kids through community event sponsorships and scholarship funds. 


Sponsorship and Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed collectively every other month. Application cycles close Thursday before reviews. Below is a timeline of our review cycle for FY 18-19. Please submit applications for a cycle at least 4 weeks before the event date to allow for payment to be made and UWCW representation at the event. You can apply for any cycle prior to your event. 

Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis until resources are out.

Awards are determined by an internal review committee of United Way Staff.

        Application Cycle Deadline

        Event Dates Eligible

                  June 19, 2018

       In or after August 2018

                   July 26, 2018

    In or after September 2018

              September 27, 2018

     In or after November 2018

              November 29, 2018

       In or after January 2019

               January 31, 2019

        In or after March 2019

                  March 28, 2019

         In or after May 2019


Do you have an upcoming community event that aligns with United Way’s mission and strategic goals? Learn more and apply for a Community Event Sponsorship from United Way.

Do you offer individual scholarships to community members? Learn more and apply for United Way’s Scholarship Funds

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Gottfredson, Community Collaborations Manager at 503.226.9303 or LaurenG@unitedway-pdx.org