Families may qualify for free tax preparation through several United Way partners. Free tax preparation assistance saves money and makes sure that working families get the tax credits they deserve.

Online Resource

For the past nine years, United Way Worldwide has partnered with H&R Block to provide free tax filing services for federal and state taxes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Taxpayers earning less than $67,000 can enter their data through MyFreeTaxes.com, a secure H&R Block website, and easily complete their taxes from home, work or on mobile devices. 

Local Nonprofit Partners

Through our Safety Net Fund we partner with local nonprofits to help provide free tax preparation services for families throughout our region. For free tax preparation services in Oregon, connect with CASH Oregon, and for Clark County connect with Community Housing Resource Center



Last year, United Way helped over 2,921 working families receive $5.4 million in tax credits.