Executive Committee

Chris Delaney
Past Chair
Sean Edwards
Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
John Ewert
Jason Green
Heather Guthrie
Dunn Carney

This year, Lam also began serving as one of five PAC representatives on the Oversight Council, the body in charge of ensuring our program meets its state‐funded requirements and outcomes. The Oversight Council will create more accountability and even stronger parent insight into our early learning investments.

The councils are just one example of how United Way is bringing people, organizations and systems together to get better results.  Through PAC we are better engaging parents, like Lam, and truly supporting the kids who need it most starting from their earliest learning experiences. 

Vice Chair
Janet O’Hollaren
Kaiser Westside Medical Center
Keith Thomajan

What I do at United Way:
A little of everything!

My favorite thing about United Way:
United Way is a powerful engine for social transformation. We accelerate and amplify the good intentions of tens of thousands of people and focus it to create big impact!

I volunteer at:
Recent service has included Schoolhouse Supplies, Earth School, Camp Namanu and the Re-Building Center.

A book (or book series):
"The Razor's Edge" by W. Somerset Maugham

A hobby:
Ski mountaineering

Coast or mountains:

Cats or dogs:

A surprising skill:
Ice climbing

First car:
'82 VW Rabbit. I spent more on Grateful Dead bumper stickers than on the car.

Proudest work:
Teacher with Teach for America

Mayra Arreola
Prosper Portland
Greg Geshel
Robert Harding
Pacific Continental Bank
James Harker
Janet LaBar
Greater Portland, Inc.
Mohan Nair
Mark Poling
Clean Water Services
Kevin Rask
Diane Rosenbaum
Former Oregon State Senator
Traci Rossi
Center for Women’s Leadership, PSU
Mike Scott
Hillsboro School District
Todd Spear
Andrew Tweedie
Wells Fargo
Charlene Zidell
Zidell Family Foundation