Become a United Way IMPACT-OR in Honor of End Poverty Day

October 17 marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. As we honor this important day, you can make a lasting impact on vulnerable kids and families in your community by signing up to make a monthly gift.

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Gaining Daily Inspiration Through Volunteering

Cesar Huerta has dedicated his life to volunteering throughout our community and giving back every day of his life.

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Investing in Students and Their Families

With the help of the Successful Families 2020 program, MyLin was able to graduate high school and achieve her dreams, no matter what obstacles she faced.

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Help end childhood poverty, discrimination and help vulnerable families receive the resources they need to thrive and succeed in the Portland metro area by donating to United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, where we have a simple, ambitious vision – to invest in our region’s kids so they are free from poverty and free to reach their potential.

For nearly 100 years we’ve been connecting and supporting the people, nonprofits, businesses and government agencies working hard to make our region a better place for everyone. We’re partnering with over a hundred of the best nonprofit organizations to focus on schools, families and communities and provide solutions to the challenges created by poverty.  

When we invest in our region’s kids, we free the future. 

October 17 marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, a day recognizing the need to reduce poverty both within our communities as well as on a global scale. In honor of #EndPovertyDay, through your support, volunteerism and generosity, you can make a lasting impact in our region by becoming a United Way IMPACT-OR.

As we acknowledge #EndPovertyDay, you can make sustainable change by giving a monthly gift and signing up to be a United Way IMPACT-OR: One dedicated to investing in our region’s kids so they are free from poverty and free to reach their full potential.

By joining our IMPACT-OR program, you're making a continued effort to not only help local kids and families in our region, but to also bring about systems change, helping generations to come. With a monthly gift, you can make lasting, sustainable change in our community.


As a single father of two, Glenn found himself struggling to maintain a job and provide basic needs for his twin daughters, from food on the table to rent -- at times forced to sleep in shelters and friends' homes to provide a roof over his daughters’ heads. But thanks to donors like you, Glenn received the assistance he needed to succeed. He now has a safe place for his daughters, a steady job and is able to thrive.