Groups of famalies of hugging each other

Together we can build thriving communities through our Resilient Families Initiative

The compounding threats of the pandemic, natural disasters across Oregon, the growing housing crisis and ongoing systems that create inequities continue to test our community and our collective strength – and communities of color and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted.

In order to meet these challenges, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette is developing innovative solutions, building coalitions and changing systems. Through our Resilient Families Initiative, we are working to build a more equitable and inclusive region where all families have the resources and opportunities to thrive. The thee areas of focus in our Resilient Initiatives include:

  • Education: We work to create equitable educational systems where every child can learn, grow and succeed.

  • Disaster & Crisis Response: We support disaster preparedness and recovery for communities of color most affected by natural disaster and other crises.

  • Housing Stability: We make housing access more equitable for children and families across our region.

Our Resilient Families Initiative prioritizes work in communities of color, who are most impacted by inequities. As we minimize disparities and achieve valuable, equitable results, all children and families in our region benefit and succeed. As we make an impact in our interconnected pillars, we use the values and skills of the United Way to leverage connections and build valuable relationships with a broad range of nonprofits, businesses and government agencies to encourage long-term change at the systems level. To ensure that kids and families in our region thrive, we must all work together.