A father and his two kids work on a project

Early Learning Multnomah County

We believe every child can be successful in school. But — too often — race, ethnicity and language are predictors of poverty and low rates of school success. Why? Because our existing system of social services, schools, and community supports isn't set up to effectively serve children and families of color. We want to change that.

Early Learning Multnomah Equity Statement

We are focused on racial equity because biases built into our early learning system create barriers for children of color even before they step foot in a school. Systemic inequalities and historic marginalization lead to unequal access to high-quality early education program, resources and support for communities of color. This has lasting impacts on children's future success and perpetuates the cycle of poverty, exacerbating the inequities already experienced by communities of color. We focus on addressing these inequities to let all children thrive. Our core belief is that every child can be successful. Our work center's family voice in the decision making process. We strive to create collaborative, community-oriented efforts that convene professional educators, government agencies, parents and experts to create the most equitable and effective impact.

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