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Racial Equity resources

At United Way of the Columbia Willamette we focus our work on serving the most marginalized and underserved groups and we know that centering race and ethnicity is critical to ending the historical and social inequities that continue to exist in our region. Learn more about our commitment to racial equity

As part of our continuing work on advancing racial equity, we’ve put together a compilation of local and national resources created by multiple organizations. The content in this section includes web resources, tools and information not only for personal use but also for educators, children and families. These resources center anti-racism work, address our own anti-Blackness, and encourage inner work towards racial justice in our community. This is a working list and will be regularly updated to include new resources from BIPOC communities and related issues.

The organizations listed on our Support Black Organizations and Workshops section are local to the Portland metro region. There is tremendous resilience and strength in our Black community. These organizations have collectively created new solutions to be able to reimagine a society where we can play, breathe, and live free from structural racism. We encourage you to review these resources and groups with curiosity and access which are the best fit for your own learning journey.

We are altering the way we show up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year, hoping to focus our efforts on supporting our Black-led partner organizations. Instead of our signature service event, we will be encouraging our community of volunteers to sign up for our partner groups' volunteer events here.

Support Black Organizations

A list of local Black nonprofit organizations in the Portland Metro region. Explore their missions, reach out for volunteering opportunities, and donate to their cause.

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Resources and Workshops for individuals exploring their path and commitment to Racial Equity

A compilation of multimedia resources to explore racism for oneself. No one is born racist or antiracist; these result from the choices and actions we make. Being antiracist results from a conscious decision to make frequent/consistent, equitable choices daily. These resources can assist one in ongoing self-awareness and self-reflection when learning about and addressing racism.

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Resources for Families and Children

Books and resources for children to understand what race is, how race plays a part in all of our lives, and why race in the United States of America is important. Great for parents who believe their child can be an agent of change for racial equity!

Raise anti-racist kids

Resources for Educators

Content for educators to better understand racial inequity and to assist their students to develop racial consciousness and awareness.

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