For over 40 years, Labor’s Community Service Agency (LCSA) and United Way of the Columbia-Willamette have been working together to make our region a better place for kids and families. 

More often than not, supporting United Way means helping community members you may not know personally or ever meet. But, in partnering with LCSA, the impact hits closer to home. Throughout the last four decades, your local United Way has stood beside Labor and helped over 9,000 Union families meet their basic needs during a time of crisis, including assisting with rent, utilities and food. 

Over the last five years, LCSA and United Way together have: 
•    Donated toys to 1,750 children at LCSA’s holiday giving party for Union and community families
•    Provided holiday meal assistance to 875 families who were struggling with unemployment
•    Trained a dozen Unions on how to more effectively serve their membership during a time of crisis through active listening skills and 211 community resources
•    Educated over 2,000 kids on union living wage jobs as potential career paths
•    Volunteered side-by-side on numerous projects to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors and communities have what they need to be healthy and safe

As part of a commitment to supporting Union jobs, United Way hired a Union contractor for the remodel of their downtown space, which was completed over the summer. A United Way representative also serves on LCSA’s board to help guide and support a shared vision of providing services to Union families and beyond.

Together, LCSA and United Way are making families and communities stronger for the kids of our region. Together, we are United for Impact!