Revitalizing Reynolds Middle School: HOGP Event Sparks Joy and Transformation

Wednesday, May. 31, 2023

The atmosphere is buzzing with joy and excitement as the middle school students revel in the newly transformed spaces. At lunchtime, the students eagerly line up to play in the brand-new Gaga pit and enjoy the freshly painted foursquare courts. Those seeking a moment of relaxation find solace on the freshly painted picnic tables.

A man pushes a wheelbarrow with a white Team Up shirt on

The transformation is remarkable, and the students are beaming with enthusiasm. Our Corporate Events and Engagement Manager Todd Diskin witnessed all this bliss on the first school day after Hands On Greater Portland’s HUGE volunteer project at Reynolds Middle School, which took place on May 20th.

Throughout the day, the dedicated team of volunteers achieved an impressive array of projects. With the support of around 40 volunteers from Comcast, seven RMS staff members, and United Way of the Columbia-Willamette Volunteer Leaders, a series of challenges and obstacles were met with optimism and grace.

Together, the volunteers sorted Legos, revitalized six classrooms, dusted and cleaned surfaces in the Library, organized garden beds, trimmed trees and refurbished the playground. The playground was given a makeover as they scraped away the weeds, outlined tetherball and foursquare courts, repaired benches, and painted picnic tables.

Additionally, they constructed a new Gaga ball pit (seriously, check out this awesome game!) and created inspirational posters and banners for the school community.

Although some tasks remained incomplete, the accomplishments were truly remarkable. The volunteers were unable to build the volleyball court due to compacted grounds, and the vacuum malfunctioned, forcing them to clean up dust manually. Painting the inside of the playground games and all the tables proved challenging, but they managed to complete the ones in best shape. Despite their best efforts, striping the kickball field was left unfinished due to time constraints. Nevertheless, the dedication and hard work of the team were evident in every project they undertook.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the outstanding team of volunteer leaders. The Comcast volunteers showcased a spirited "can do, will do" attitude. The impact of this volunteer event goes beyond physical transformations; it has revitalized the school community, bringing much-needed joy and positivity to students and staff, particularly after a challenging week. The principal expressed gratitude for the projects, as they serve as a catalyst for future improvements and a vision of a school environment filled with joy and tranquility.

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