United Way Responds to Recent Executive Orders

Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017

The recent executive orders from President Trump – banning immigrants, building a wall, penalizing sanctuary cities – create fear and uncertainty for us and many of our neighbors throughout our region. This Administration has made it clear that these are only the first in a series of actions that threaten the very fabric of our communities.

Your local United Way is committed to another path. One that prioritizes racial equity and strengthens that community fabric, especially for the kids and families who need it most:  immigrants and refugees, families of color, low-income kids struggling in school, folks scraping by paycheck to paycheck. 

United Way works every day with thousands of people and dozens of organizations to make sure we have communities, homes and schools that welcome and work for everyone. Right now, let’s make sure we’re giving our money, time and talent to those directly supporting our immigrant and refugee neighbors.  The links below will help you find out more information and ways to connect. 

We are better united.

Get to know these partners: 
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
Latino Network
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
Clackamas Women’s Services
Centro Cultural

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