At United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, we’ve been bringing our community together to do good for nearly 100 years. We work every day with hundreds of organizations to make sure we have communities and schools that welcome and support all kids and families in our region – especially the kids and families facing the steepest barriers: immigrants and refugees, families of color and low-income families.

That’s why we have joined our nonprofit partners as well as faith-based organizations and law enforcement professionals, to oppose Measure 105 this November. If passed, Measure 105 would encourage racial profiling and affect communities of color and immigrant communities in Oregon the hardest. By eliminating Oregon’s 31-year-old anti-profiling law, Measure 105 would affect the safety of the very kids and families we aim to serve and help reach their potential.

We hope you’ll join us in voting NO vote on Measure 105 – because we are better united.

Thank you for your support!