In honor of March 21 being International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we asked our supporters to share a selfie with their role model, someone who inspires them to be #UnitedToEndRacism in their community. From a family member to a neighbor to an activist they admire, the possibilities of highlighting an important person who has left a lasting impact on eliminating racism are endless. 

Once all photos were submitted, it was up to you to vote on your favorite photo, and the results are in! 

When Stephanie (on the left) was a teenager, she survived a brutal assault by white supremacists just weeks before Milugeta Seraw was killed 30 years ago. I was with her last year when she returned to this area of town for the first time since the attack. Although she (was) hospitalized for months, she didn’t let this horror destroy or define her. She is a fun, smart, caring, beautiful woman and I consider myself lucky to have her as a friend and co-worker. #UnitedToEndRacism

Thank you to all who participated in our #UnitedToEndRacism challenge and congratulations to Suzanne C. on her winning selfie! 


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