A photo collage of five women

Women's History Month - Celebrating Our Inspiring Employees

Wednesday, Apr. 3, 2024

This Women's History Month we celebrated the remarkable contributions of women in our community today. These five videos showcase the exceptional talent, caring and resilience our staff and partners bring to the table every day. From recognizing inequities and calling them out to hyping up inspirational women in their life, United Way knows without their contributions our work would be aimless. Thank you to the women who've spent their lives bettering our world! Dive into the rich history and gratitude featured in these videos and be sure to celebrate the women who make change in your life.


Latinas are achieving advanced degrees at rates higher than ever before, yet they still face a significant wage gap. In honor of Women's History Month, our Community Impact Project Manager Laurin Bello discusses this disparity and how it both inspires her and makes her continue to fight for equity.

As we continue to honor Women's History Month, we are excited to feature our Development & Stewardship Manager Charity Taylor! Charity talks to us about what she's learned about being a woman and how it's impacted her life. She shares the importance of saying no, and meaning it, when life gives you too many opportunities to help out.

Our President and CEO Kelly O'Lague took some time during Women's History Month to thank the incredible women she's had a chance to work with and for during her career. She also gave a special shout out to the women working with her at United Way who inspire her every day.

Emily took time during Women's History Month to share her appreciation for a friend who's always been there for her. These close friendships inspire her and keep her pushing for more.

Zhulma shared her experience of how much hard work it takes to find success as a woman. Despite all the hardship, she believes the most important aspect of success is finding a community that supports you.


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