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United Way partners with nonprofit organizations and programs that strive to better our community and invest in our region's kids and families.

Community Strengthening Partners

United Way's Community Strengthening funding strategy is designed to support a stronger network of nonprofits who are leading in the way in reducing poverty for children and families in our region. A total of 30 emerging and established nonprofits serving low-income and culturally-specific communities across the metro area were selected. Together, they will create and participate in learning communities designed to share experiences, exchange data and information, and build collective knowledge to strengthen organizational capacity and improve outcomes for low-income families and their children.

Safety Net Partners

The Safety Net funding strategy is designed to provide critical aid for our most vulnerable families through short-term, non-competitive investments in supportive programs that provide housing, food, heat, utilities and other essential needs for individuals that, due to an unforeseen personal crisis, disaster or emergency in their lives, would benefit from additional assistance. Safety Net partnerships are one-year in length and the grant amount varies by organization. (Funding to the selected non-profits is contingent on the funding United Way receives as an organization to its Breaking the Cycle fund).

See a full list of our Safety Net Partners

Early Learning Hubs

A kid’s chances of success in school are largely determined before they even set foot in one. Most often it’s poor kids and kids of color who miss out on vital early learning opportunities.

United Way is proud to co-lead two regional Early Learning Hubs in Multnomah and Washington counties, funded by the Oregon Early Learning Division.

We build on what works to:

  • Get more children ready to succeed in kindergarten
  • Support families so more children live in healthy, stable environments
  • Align and streamline early learning services


Learn more about Early Learning Multnomah (ELM).


Learn more about Early Learning Washington County (ELWC).

Successful Families 2020

The Community Transformation funding strategy is a long-term investment in one group, or collaborative, whose mission is to transform the communities in our region that face the highest rates of poverty, using the Collective Impact Model. The group selected for this grant, Successful Families 2020, is comprised of six of our region’s leading nonprofit organizations serving low-income and culturally specific communities. Working in collaboration with United Way through the creation and implementation of a business and work plan, this collaborative will create a blueprint for success in communities of color in Multnomah County.

The Com­munity Transformation partnership represents a five-year commitment (July 2014 through July 2019) and an investment of approximately $3.75 million dollars or $750,000 per year over the next five years. (Funding to the selected non-profits is contingent on the funding United Way receives as an organization to its Breaking the Cycle fund).

Learn more about Successful Families 2020.

Catalyst Fund Partnerships

The Catalyst Fund’s small, one-time investments increase the effectiveness of the service networks that support the most underserved populations in our region. 

Become a Hands On Greater Portland Partner

Hands On Greater Portland works in partnership with hundreds of community-based nonprofit agencies to provide volunteers with a variety of meaningful opportunities for service and leadership. Your organization can partner with Hands On. You’ll get:

  • Ability to connect with volunteers online
  • Support in managing volunteer projects
  • Opportunities to work with corporate volunteers
  • Access to additional resources and best practices


Learn more about becoming a Hands On Greater Portland partner organization.

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