By donating to United Way, you're investing in the education of our region's kids, stable communities and financial stability for local families in need. 

We are a trusted brand:

At United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, we have been bringing our community together to do good for nearly 100 years. We are uniquely positioned to connect and support the people, non-profits, businesses and government agencies working hard to address poverty in our region. We are part of United Way Worldwide, the largest privately funded nonprofit in the world operating in more than 40 countries and territories.

We are mission focused:

Our mission is ambitious, yet simple: invest in our region’s kids so they are free from poverty and free to reach their potential. Our priority is addressing the root causes of poverty and in doing so, we put racial equity at the center of our work because research shows that families of color face social and economic disparities that deter the progress of our community as a whole. By addressing these disparities we can disrupt the cycle of poverty and create a more equitable region that benefits everyone. 

We are recognized for our efficiency and accountability:

Financial pie chart
Charity evaluators recommend operating cost ratios between 17.5 and 35 percent. Our operating cost ratio is significantly low at 12.91%, resulting in 87 cents of every dollar you donate going to programs directly benefiting your community. 
We are recognized by GuideStar at the Gold level for our commitment to transparency and open sharing of impact, financial and effectiveness information, an honor that only 10% of nonprofits receive. 
We have received the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Charity Seal meaning that we have been extensively evaluated by the BBB and passed its standards for spending funds prudently, sharing information transparently, measuring the organization's effectiveness

We utilize your dollars to achieve maximum impact in the communities we serve:

What makes our impact approach unique is that we solve complex problems no one organization can solve alone. Leveraging our capacity as a convener and our trusted brand as an influencer, we partner with over a 100 nonprofit organizations to provide kids and families with:

  • Academic support to ensure kids, from birth to graduation, are better prepared for school, stay in school and graduate to then enter college or the workforce ready to thrive and contribute to society.
  • Access to basic needs like food, stable housing and healthcare.
  • Greater support in the community by activating volunteer connections through our Hands On Portland program.


Here's what your support makes possible:

Schools for kids:

  • Our Early Learning programs have delivered 28,000 culturally specific early learning kits and books to children in need.
  • 27 new preschool classrooms have been created for 510 kids. 
  • More kids than ever before are showing up to Day 1 of kindergarten better prepared and ready to learn.
  • In collaboration with our community partners, we are committed to enhancing the academic success of 2,200 under-served students of color to increase graduation rates in two of the largest high school graduation initiatives in Oregon.


Families for kids: 

  • Served 106,000 kids and families in the region with coordinated services and support through interventions focused on early learning, literacy, financial stability and skill building programs. 
  • Last year, 2,500 families received immediate, short-term rent and utilities assistance and 94% remain in their house 12 months after receiving assistance.
  • 21,478 working families are provided with financial education and tax preparation services each year resulting in a regional economic impact between $24 million/year. That’s cash in hand for families to spend on food, rent, health insurance and other basic needs which would otherwise be left on the table. 


Communities for kids: 

  • Mobilized over 23,000 volunteer connections adding $1.89 million in service value to hundreds of regional nonprofits.
  • At a time when our country feels fractured and divided, your support is helping bridge the divide and mobilizing thousands of people to make a meaningful difference in our communities.


When you support United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, you are supporting an entire region to make it a better place for everyone.

Help end childhood poverty in our region and donate today.