Meet Petrona

Friday, Aug. 28, 2015

This fall Petrona will be the first member of her family to attend college, a future that she hadn’t considered until she received mentorship and support from Adelante Mujeres, a United Way Community Strengthening partner that provides education and empowerment opportunities to low-income Latina women and their families.

Donor Spotlight: Laveta Moles

Monday, Jul. 6, 2015

The longtime United Way supporter and 20-year veteran team member at Far West Recycling is determined to pay it forward.

Financial Education Classes Provided for Somali Bantu Refugee Families

Thursday, Jun. 11, 2015

On a warm June morning, a small community room in Beaverton is alive with chatter. A group of Somali Bantu women in vibrant dresses are pouring tea and coffee for one another, doling out small pastries and carrying on spirited conversation, laughing and speaking with waving hands and animated expressions. 

Is Breaking The Cycle of Childhood Poverty Really Possible?

Wednesday, May. 13, 2015

Before you read another word, let me confess that I don’t have the answer to the title of this post. You’re not going to find a magical silver bullet in these words that will heal a complex and systemic, yet very personal challenge, facing our community. There are those with far more expertise who can attempt to address that subject.

Early Learning

Early Literacy Kits Help Prepare Kids for Kindergarten

Monday, Apr. 27, 2015

Studies show that the development of early literacy skills through early experiences with books and stories is directly linked to a child's success in learning to read. But in low income neighborhoods, there’s an average of just one book for every 300 children.

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